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Wish To Turn A Fling Into A Relationship – Here’s A Complete Guide

Wish to Turn A Fling into A Relationship – Here’s A Complete Guide

The honeymoon period of a relationship is very exciting – it is a bubble of romance, with butterflies and fireworks all around.

However, once you are past that stage, that bubble bursts off, and you come to face the reality, which may be harsh.

You are required to do the real things: Meet families, friends, you may even need to ask, ‘What are we?’ or ‘Where is this going?’

It is very awkward and emotionally draining. However, it does not have to be since we are here to save you the pain. Here is a guide on how to turn your summer-time or any fling into a loving yet healthy relationship.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Do not push it

If you like them and really enjoy being with them, then it may be very easy for you to get carried away. You may just start your day with them with a simple brunch, or you may be on a stroll across the park, with them as your future husband in your head, planning your summer wedding all the day long.

If you want to make it last, be patient. Let it flourish naturally. Do not push them, or continue asking unnecessary questions, only to hurt yourself.

#2 Well, you may push it a little (sometimes)

It is important to be patient, however do not let it become stagnant. Introduce them to your friends in order to signal them that you are ready to take the next step.

However, be playful and do not make it a stressful even for yourself or your partner. You do not have to give them a title just yet, just introduce them by their name (it’s subtle yet gives them a good hint).

#3 Set limits and boundaries

Putting a label on your relationship may be incredibly difficult, stressful or just awkward, however you are required to do so in order to protect your fragile heart.

If it is just a casual fling, then just leave it at that and do not beg them to make it exclusive. In this case, you are not required to wait for them.

However, if they incorporate you into their life, make plans with you, introduce you to their friends or even family, have honest conversations with you, or open up to you, then your relationship has the potential to be so much more than just a fling.

#4 Get real

When you first meet someone, you tend to put your highest scores at the table and skip the actual facts that really matter in the long term like why do you have a drinking problem (or anything else that matters or you are afraid to share with them for the fear of being judged by them).

If you open up to them, encourage them to be open to you as well. Have honest conversations. Share your past. Share your goals. Learn more about each other. Determine if you can have a future together.

#5 Talk about it

If you have never talked about ‘What are we?’ or you have never defined your relationship, then it may be the time to do so.

This is scary and you may end up hearing something you do not want to hear, but hey, at least you’ll know what they want.

Read the signs before you ask them anything. Ask them out. Invite them somewhere. Tell them you like them. Tell them you enjoy your time together.

Honesty is the key. It is all you can do.

However, listen closely to what they tell. See their reactions.

Having a fling is exciting.

But remember that not everything is meant to last.

Know that you deserve love, and so much more.

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