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Top 5 Signs Your Partner Is Trustworthy

Top 5 Signs Your Partner is Trustworthy

Because you need and require more then love in order to make it work.

You may have heard, ‘Love isn’t enough’ and that trust is often more important than love itself, but why exactly? Because love comes and goes fast, but trust stands the test of time.

Trust is the basis of every healthy relationship, it is a foundation on which a relationship stands, but how do you know if your partner is trustworthy? Are you having a hard time trusting your SO?

In case you have had bad relationships in the past, unfortunately, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to decide if your new partner is trustworthy or not.

Here is a list of top 5 signs you can rely upon in order to tell if you can trust your partner with your feelings, your words, and most importantly, with yourself.

#1 They’re truthful even if it’s hurting

Honesty is a virtue. It is one of the biggest challenges in any relationship.

You often want to be truthful to your partner, but you do not want to hurt them or their feelings. And so, you decide it is better to lie to them than hurting them.

But lying is more hurtful in the long term, and often destroys a perfectly good relationship.

If your partner is always honest to you, they have your best interest in their mind. And it is not a bad thing, since they do not want to hurt you intentionally. They may just love you enough to not lie to you, ever.

#2 They accept their mistakes

To err is to human.

If your partner makes mistakes, but swallows their pride by admitting their faults, then it is a trait worthy of appreciation.

It means that they have the courage to take responsibility of the things that went wrong on their part. Be a little more grateful to them instead of being hostile.

#3 They are open to you

It is difficult to create emotional intimacy in a relationship that lacks in trust.

If your partner keeps things from you and cannot establish an emotional connection with you, then you need to have a serious talk with them.

Your partner is entitled to their personal space, but it is never okay to keep things from each other. However, do not cross your boundaries by checking their cell phone or social media.

Ensure that they feel secure enough to open up to you.

#4 Their actions and words match with each other

Actions speak louder than words. They ought to be matched.

If your partner keeps their promises, and act and talk like they are in a serious relationship, they you do not have a thing to worry about.

Their actions should show their priorities. If they promise you a date, they should make it to the date. If they promise to be at a date at a certain time, then they should not keep you hanging.

It is all about the actions.

#5 They share the details of their day with you

Although you do not have to share every single detail of your day with your partner, you are required to be honest to each other.

However, if your partner shares small details of their day with you, then you can trust them with your heart.

Small things hold more significance.

Although, as a general rule. It is tempting to think that only intimacy and love make a great relationship but without trust, you’ll never be able to reach your full potential and your relationship will be doomed before you’ll know.

All you have to do is to put in a little effort. And never be afraid of being judged by your partner. If they judge you, they are not the right person for you.

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