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Not A Lot Like Love! Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Not A Lot Like Love! Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Well, you may have heard, ‘Love makes the World go round’. Suddenly, it’s all butterflies and fireworks. You start feeling different. In fact, you’re a different person. You’ve a new light in you. And it’s all about the person you’re dating. They’re the center of your World. The center of your everything. And you’re head over heels in love with them.

However, it’s only a beginning, a beginning of something that may not prove to be good enough in the long term. Since, a lot of times, you may brush a lot of red flags under the carpet, merely for the sake of love. You start painting them white, and you’re okay with the crumbs of love you receive because well, you’re in ‘love’ or at least, that’s what you think.

In reality, that’s toxic: the start of something that will ruin your mental, emotional as well as physical health, and you won’t even know what’s happening to you. Here’s a list of red flags you should never ignore while you’re investing in a relationship.

  • They abuse you – physically, emotionally, mentally or in any way possible – this isn’t tolerable. It’s a clear sign that they don’t love you, respect you or care for you. Know that abuse isn’t love, they’re opposite of each other. Respect yourself enough to leave an abusive partner and don’t ever make excuses for their behavior.
  • You partner is very possessive about you. While this may sound or look cute, or sweet or even reassuring, however, in the long term, this sort of behavior becomes over-bearing and may even interfere with your personal life. You’re entitled to your own space, and you’re not required to nurture the insecurities of your partner since you deserve to be trusted.
  • They want to spend all day, every day, with you. This may feel satisfying in the beginning since you may feel like you’re their only priority and that they value you the most in life however, by doing so, they may be isolating you from your friends and your family. There’s a thin line between spending your time together and controlling you, and there comes a time that you two go out and meet each other’s friends and family.
  • They set a date, and then ditch you at the last moment without any explanation. Or they’re always late on a date, while they may be stuck in traffic, they never give you a reason good enough. It’s sort of a habit and you’re always left wondering why they cancelled or if they’re going to make it or not.
  • Your friends and family don’t like your partner. They try to tell you that over and over again, maybe it’s their behavior, or the way they treat you, or your loved ones, or just because they’re boastful and arrogant, whatever the case is, you’re determined to prove them wrong.
  • They keep a close eye on your social media. What’s more, they demand that you share the passwords to all your social media accounts with them. No matter how close you are or how much you love each other, that’s an unhealthy sort of surveillance that should never exist between two individuals who trust each other.
  • They tell you that you’re not like their ex. That may be nice but it’s one of the scariest things they may say. You may not be as crazy as they claim their ex to be, you sure don’t want to be compared to their ex all the time. If they’re always going to compare you with someone else, then they’re still not over them and you’re just a rebound, even if they tell you otherwise.
  • They apologize for their mistakes, but then continue repeating the same mistakes again, and again, and again. And then they apologize again for the same mistake. Basically, it’s a continuous cycle of apologies.
  • They claim that they’ll do anything just to be with you. Well, cute, no? No, it isn’t cute, of course. That’s not love, you’re a person, and not an object. You want to be in a heathy relationship where you’re free to get out of a relationship on mutual terms.
  • He texts you only after 11 p.m. Well, he might be a busy person, he might actually have a life, but if it’s a habit, then he’s only after one thing.
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