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Top 3 Ways To Grow Together As A Couple

Top 3 Ways to Grow Together as A Couple

One of the best things about relationships is that they are 110% renewable.

It doesn’t matter how stagnant, tense or uncertain your relationship is at the moment, you and your partner have the potential to turn things around and learn how to save your already drowning relationship.
Even if you’re in a fun, intimate or a lighthearted relationship, you’ve the power to experience so much more.
Why exactly? Because you deserve the world. And your relationship is highly influenced by the energy you put into it, and well, energy is renewable.

There are a few crucial principles that you’re required to comprehend and practice in the long term in order to make sure that you and your significant other keep growing together as a power couple, and your relationship survives the test of time – no matter how long you’ve been together for.
Here’s everything you need to know.

#1 Treat your relationship as a living being

Understand that your relationship isn’t a ‘thing’. It’s living, breathing, devolving and continuously evolving being – It won’t just maintain itself forever.

And in order to survive as a being, it requires love, care and attention – such as surprising each other with presents, leaving affectionate notes for your partner, taking them out on fun dates and much more.

What’s more, it’s all about your energy – such as positive and thoughtful actions. And how is that possible? Treat your significant other as your best friend rather than just a partner.

#2 Identify the areas of your weakness

Determine the quality of energy you’re putting in your relationship – Is your relationship low on playful, fun energy? Is it low on sensual energy? Is it low in thoughtfulness and respect for each other?

Once you’ve recognized the areas of weakness, understand that it’s your job to generate the form of energy that is currently lacking in your relationship.

Learn that it’s not merely about actions, but energy – sexual, non-sexual, verbal, physical etc. Or whatever you and your partner value the most in a relationship.

#3 Feed your relationship in the same way you’d feed a burning fire

Who doesn’t know that even a glowing, burning fire burns itself out if it isn’t fed properly? Well, similarly, your relationship requires positive energy as a fuel to keep it burning, glowing and thus, ‘alive’.

But, how can you do this? Appreciate your partner. Avoid criticism, self-doubt, resentment and jealousy. Do not dwell on each other’s flaws. Be grateful to them. Enjoy them. Love them.

Pay attention to the best of both of you. And understand what’s required to keep your relationship ‘alive’.

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