One thing we need to look at is the concept of attraction. Attraction will determine whether or not you get the right Date.


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What Does It Required To Make a Good Date?

This is a question that has baffled men since the beginning of time and we men are no closer to understanding women than we were when we huddled around an open fire every night and lived in caves.

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      tick      Identifying Lust While Dating

      tick      Etiquette to Observe During Dating

      tick      Managing Expectations While Dating

      tick      Dealing with Adversity while Dating

      tick      Factors That Indicate a Bad Date

      tick      Positive Developments While Dating

      tick      Role of Family in Dating

      tick      Role of Friends In Dating

      tick      A Few Recommended Things to Do While Dating

      tick      How To Determine if Date is Losing Interest

      tick      How to Tell if Dating is Worth Continuing

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How to build good romantic relationship

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The Excuse

Most people fail in their relationshipship because of excuse and lack of knowledge, most of the times that excuse is merely refusing to take decision now. Knowledge is power! What you have you give, what you don't have, you don't give. Excuse is the main reason a lot of of people fail out with the kind of partner of their Dream.